Hemp Updates Jan 2012


It’s 2012 and the year of change and presence. I feel that the most potent change comes from that we make personally, in small things. If we do this with the consciousness that we are all one, connected and reliant on each other we find ourselves empowered to be the change we have wanted to Read More

Hemp Seed Planting At Hemp Farm with new Photos


At our larger crop we also planted seed on the most ideal day of the year according to recent studies.   We are very lucky to have had sun/rain/sun/rain type weather – a great start for the little hemp seed babies that I trust will grow into big girls and boys soon before they are Read More

Hemp Farm, Hemp Foods and more!


  With two crops being prepared for sowing in the next days and weeks (staggered planting) I have been digging the dirt for our trial crop. Seven varieties of hemp seed are being grown at the hemp farm in Byron Bay – some for seed, some for fibre, some for both. And at different times, Read More

Hemp Building


  Let’s look at why the answer is a resounding YES! This article is written by co-author of How To Build A Hemp House, Paul Benhaim available from www.thehempbuilder.com To start with, building with hemp is not new – but the technology to build with hemp is, and is changing regularly. Although there is a Read More

Hemp Building & Foods on ABC radio


  They discussed hemp building mainly, though I managed to turn it round to the poignant issue of hemp foods in Australia. We had a time limit of 5 minutes, so getting to 11 minutes with them was pretty good You can download the link here. (updated link)

Is Hemp Building Really That Good?


Jay Walker The fact that everyone is mentoring the health benefits as well in the building materials sector with hemp. But what amaze’s me is that there is no research on the internet I can find about health risks in building materials. With hempcrete the fact you use lime to make it the hard substance. Read More

Hemp Wedding, Growing Hemp & Progress


(scroll down for excellent pictures!) I am working on a new project, and like most of my new projects it seems to spiral into progress quite quickly, a bit like the cyclone that hit the Cairns area of North Queensland, Australia recently. So, I have slowed it down. This has created the space to connect Read More

Hemp Teleseminar


  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Make no mistake about it, the state of the economy has been very challenging for a lot of people. Many people lost their job due to companies going out of business or the jobs have been transferred off shore. Working for one company your entire life is a thing of the Read More

Hemp Products Shop


Hemp Clothing – Hemp mens & womens clothing, hemp baby clothing, hemp hats, hemp scarves, hemp bags etc. Hemp Plastics – Hemp plastic raw material, hemp plastic samples, hemp plastic didgeridoos and more… Hemp Foods – Organic Hemp Nut, Hemp Seed Oil and more from Australia and Canada Hemp Books – Hemp information of all Read More

Hemp Facts


Hemp needs no pesticides because it is unpalatable to insects. Hemp needs no herbicides because it grows too quickly for any weed to compete. Hemp cloth repels up to 95% of UV rays when woven into a tight construction. Hemp is more water absorbent than cotton and has 3 times the tensile strength. HAVE YOU Read More