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Hemp consultant for hemp industry seeks to help hemp business thrive.


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Hemp Business Consultant – I, Paul Benhaim would love to be part of the creation of YOUR new or expanding business. If you would like to have a  non-executive Director on your Board for 1/100th of the cost read on. No cost to APPLY NOW

How To Start A Hemp Business Course – all the knowledge you need to begin the process of a hemp business. Learn all the facts from all the world’s experts in the hemp industry. Get to know who the key players are in the hemp industry and hear from them un-censored their thoughts on the hemp industry, lessons learned, opportunities and much more. Get the opportunity to talk with Paul about your specific questions. Join Here.

Hourly Rate Paul Benhaim is also available on an hourly consultancy basis for anything hemp. Contact me for rates.



Times are changing. Do you want to spend more time enjoying life, being with your friends and family? Do you want to increase your income with less effort. Are you looking for a product that is in demand, easy to sell with growing interest? Would you like to create an ethical and sustainable business with the greatest probability of success?


Then why not consider the rapidly growing industrial hemp industry? NOW is a good time to start. If you are interested in running a successful hemp business then I am now taking confidential and non-commital application for a 12 month personalised business mentoring course. Not just for new businesses: if you have an existing hemp or eco business and want to expand then this is also for you.


Between 2005-2008 hemp food sales increased on average by 47% per year, making hemp one of the fastest-growing natural food categories. It has also ben estimated that the total retail value of North American hemp food, vitamin and body care product sales to be in the range of $113 -129 million US for 2009.


Bioplastics production is close to doubling every year. In Europe alone there is around 500,000 tonnes per year, with double digit growth – all that can be used by bioplastics and composites. A more affordable and technically better hemp plastic alternative is now available.


I have more than 20 years of involvement in the hemp industry in Europe, North America, Australia, Asia and Africa having founded and set-up numerous and successful businesses and associations in hemp plastics, hemp foods, hemp textiles and hemp body care. If you need to source something related to Industrial hemp – i’m your man. I can show you how to bring customers to your door; why waste time hunting new customers. I no longer need to work, but choose to use my time to ensure others reach their potential for success so this hemp industry can grow to reach it’s full potential as soon as possible. The Earth and all that live on it need hemp now.


Customers are looking for new suppliers. Investors are offering attractive terms. Opportunities abound. But what is the right one for you? My new 12 week course ‘How To Start A Hemp Business‘ may well be for you. Have a look and let me know. Go to How To Start A Hemp Business teleseminar now and learn practical steps for you to participate in creating an industry more sustainable for you and future generations.


Feel good about what you do. Love what u do. Is hemp for you? Trust your intuition.


APPLY NOW and receive further details, payment plan details and more.

If you are a Start A Hemp Business graduate, have an existing hemp business or just feel ready to commit to your business idea then you may APPLY

for the 12 month hemp business mentoring program.


Do u care about a sustainable world?

Do u want to feel good about how u earn your money?

Do u want to contribute to tomorrows industy today and make money? If you want something more personal, there is the personalised 12 Month Hemp Business Mentoring Program – in this intimate group you will get it all – EVERYTHING relevant to you:

  1. Regular, extended and personal phone conferences with me (all you need is access to the internet) on all aspects of business:
  2. unrestricted access to all my contacts, sources and networks
  3.  how to write or update a business plan
  4. how to write or update marketing plan
  5. shared wisdom of my successes and failures
  6. finance ideas and connections
  7.  how to identify the best market for you
  8.  how to access that market
  9.  creative accounting and business structure ideas, set-up and implementation

You will be supported through various textbooks to support your personal holistic growth, including a 570 page planning folder with accompanying CD (PC or MAC).

You will gain nothing less than THE BEST sounding board and feedback for your ideas and visions. You will be supported in creating your new business through:

Constructive feedback


Guidance and Support

  • New ideas
  • Creative solutions
  • Outside the box thinking


You need to feel confident that when you spend your money you are spending it wisely and in the right places to get a great return. I have studied with the executives of BHP Billiton, SHELL oil and other large multi-nationals – no I am not on their side, I wanted to learn how they learn and what has made them succesful in what they do and how they stay on top. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on these courses, sometimes over $10,000 on just one weekend course! In the 12 month business mentoring program you will learn about strategy and how your future visioning can be realised in a very logical, step-by-step proven process that is used in the great multi-national boardrooms.


In the 12 month hemp business mentor program you will get:

  • planning
  • strategy
  • unique marketing tools for the hemp industry
  • communication skills
  • growth!


Don’t worry if you are not yet sure in what to do, or if you have failed, or see too many obstacles – that is where I can help you! Did you know Henry Ford went bankrupt 3 times before he invented the automobile? When he did finally make his first car that he spent a long time building in a brick walled building he realised he could not get it out. He showed his landlord who, after hearing the story came with an axe and smashed down the walls until Henry Ford could take down the walls. Imagine the visionary capabilities of that man!


The main known reason for failure is the fear of failure. After the 12 month course personally guided by myself I guarantee you will have more knowledge about how to ensure success and increase your profits ethically – this may smash through your fears in a breakthrough that will affect your whole life.


You are advised to continue to run or start your business during the course. An existing business or idea, a new idea or business, or even no idea – either way I will help you identify and short-cut your goals.


You gain the support of the best – your own equivalent of a non-executive Director with 20 years of industry specific experience, without the cost of a new employee or requirements of a shareholder.


This is a VERY LIMITED opportunity and, as I am sure you can imagine, can only accept a very few people on this course at a time. Currently there IS space. So you may immediately complete this confidential and non-commital application for the 12 month personalised business mentoring course


Together we make a difference.