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Hemp Clothing & Hemp Foods are well known in the UK, USA and the rest of the world, but there is so much more to hemp…

What is hemp? Hemp is a fast growing plant otherwise known as cannabis. Hemp is legal to grow and use in nearly every country in the world. The uses for hemp are staggering and include plastics, building, superfoods from the hemp seeds, fuel and much more. Hemp reduces our carbon footprint, whilst feeding us both inside and out, protecting us with breathable, environmentally friendly affordable housing, and in quality, soft and strong hemp clothing. The history of industrial hemp is long and you may learn about this in various articles found in the hemp blog.


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With so many ethical uses for hemp you will find modern hemp history leading to an iminent potential growth in the hemp farming industry. Our goal is to support this growth in the many uses for hemp by contributing to a sustainable future you can feel good about. Those who work in the hemp industry enjoy what they do, every day – it is a passionate purpose, not a job. We trust you too will be inspired.


I have been diligently working for 13 years with hemp in USA, Canada, England, Europe, Australia (Byron Bay), Africa, India, Thailand and more. In this site I have made sure you get the best hemp information. Practical and proven steps will empower you to decide if legal industrial hemp is for you and your family.

Through www.hemp.co.uk I met Paul Benhaim, who I later found to be responsible for this website as well as many other aspects of the hemp industry – particularly hemp plastic that I now know, love and use. His advice has assisted me in creating a business plan that I am nearly ready to launch for investment. If there is any place I would go for trusted knowledge and connections then this is the place.”  Gary Reddip, ‘Hemp Products Australia



Hemp Blog

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Learn about modern uses of hemp and how to easily become involved in the many free or low cost opportunities.

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