Hemp Paper


The Gutenberg bible- the first book made on a printing press- was printed on hemp paper. Almost 600 years later, the pages are still in good condition. The original drafts of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were also printed on hemp.

The U.S. Government, in association with this countries logging and paper interests, has built nearly half a million miles of logging roads in federally owned forests- more than 10 times the length of the Federal Interstate Highway System!

Then, it sells the forest products to the timber and paper industry for less than it costs the Government to build the roads and administer the program. Logging roads are a major cause of mudslides and soil erosion, both of which ruin the spawning beds of Pacific salmon and other threatened species. American taxpayers are funding the decimation of our national forests only to read about it on newsprint made from those same trees. Meanwhile, the planet is being permanently robbed of precious old growth trees which provide critical oxygen and clean air levels necessary for maintaining the survival of the human race.


Hemp paper is available today! Hemp is the worlds best paper making material from a quality, environmental and sustainability standpoint. One acre of hemp provides the same amount of pulping material grown in four acres.


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