Hemp Updates Jan 2012


It’s 2012 and the year of change and presence. I feel that the most potent change comes from that we make personally, in small things. If we do this with the consciousness that we are all one, connected and reliant on each other we find ourselves empowered to be the change we have wanted to see in the world.

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Paul Benhaim live hemp talks around Australia, starting in Brisbane, Sydney Adelaide…

It’s been a while since I made the time to travel around and I missed you! Now we can connect again. I would love to share with you the latest updates in hemp, the exciting opportunities and details of new hemp food products. You may read more here, including the flyer and/ or join our Facebook event page, or just register by email. There is no charge, and the first event is in Brisbane January 30th at 7.2pm. See you there!

Legislation updates

Application A1039 – Low THC Hemp as a Food is hempening! And we still need you. Share this with friends, local stores and more.

Public comment is still open until February 1st – so send your emails now tosubmissions@foodstandards.gov.au. FSANZ wants to hear about the potential economic benefit to Australia, how we do not see that legalising hemp will give any impression we are being soft on drugs, and any other technical responses to the risk assesment report shared at http://www.foodstandards.gov.au/foodstandards/applications/applicationa1039lowt4708.cfm

Meanwhile, as shared by Matt from IHAQ, poppy seed is eaten on bagels, supported by QLD Government for use in biodiesel (http://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-01-07/poppy-seed-oil-used-to-make-biodiesel/3762560) yet QLD Health continues to be the #1 contender to legalising hemp as a food. In the ‘public consultation’ – Qld Health are saying their reasons are confidential. They will not meet or discuss with industry representatives (national or state). When the rest of the country, and world disagrees we continue to wonder what their hidden agenda is. Please let us know via facebook what you think.

This is our last post on this application, and it may be the last opportunity you are sure to be heard by the Government. So please take action now!

Versativa launches in Australia with Paul Benhaim and Hemp Farm

Watch this video, self-explanatory! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYFZn4TsdWE

Rainforest Rescue and Sea Shepherd benefit from Hemp Foods Australia donations 

SANTOS is very pleased to announce that 5% of retail sales will be going directly to Sea Shepherd and Rainforest Rescue’s efforts for the planet.
Rainforest Rescue and Sea Shepherd benefit from Hemp Seeds

Freight Changes

As you know we have been offering free freight on all orders over $60. We will be changing this again soon, so buy now if you want to take advantage. We will be changing to $9.9 maximum freight on any order, with smaller orders at around $5.5. This is still subsidised and we still offer you the freshest and best hemp seeds, hemp oil and hemp protein.

Latest Australian crop updates

At the Hemp Farm the plants are flowering and seed is setting. We look forward to providing some new hemp oil from this batch of seeds later this year. There is not enough for expected demand, especially if the legislation changes in a positive way, so we look forward to working with more Australian hemp farmers this year and expanding our plantations as time goes on.

Hemp Farmer shows hemp is a viable crop for small scale farming

Here is an example of what we share at our Hemp Farm tours in Byron Bay. This story came from a Canadian farmer, but I felt worth sharing as it is a good example of the power of hemp to the farming community.

I first planted hemp in the spring of 2010 because I had Canola on my fields in 2009 and I was looking for a crop rotation crop that would pay a similar amount to Canola.  The big farmers here are doing a Canola and wheat crop rotation but wheat doesn’t return enough income per acre for my small farm.  During my research I came across an article about a hemp straw processing plant that is being built near here, and so I started looking into that crop.  The Crop Insurance people said they would cover a hemp crop but they advised me to get a contract if I was going to commit to it.  And then I met Charles Holmes who is the CEO of Hempco Inc. and he provided a producers contract that would secure my seed sales. The rules here require registered seed and a licence from Health Canada so once I secured those items I proceeded to plant hemp.  The variety was CFX-1.

Harvest was late in 2010 and I didn’t get all of my acres harvested before snow fall stopped my progress.  But I had about half a truck load or about 22 MT of hemp seed which was cleaned locally and shipped to Hempco Inc. in about Nov. 2010.  In the spring of 2011 I was working to clean up my fields ready for a new crop.  You see, I had to pile that straw in rows with my tine harrows and then round baled that straw.  While hauling those round bales off of my fields I noticed that a new crop of hemp seeds was growing and was looking good.  So I decided to stop driving on that and left about half of those round bales still in the fields.  Come harvest time I had to work around round bales but succeeded in harvesting a truckload and a half of hemp seed, which I got cleaned and shipped about 42 MT to Hempco in Nov.  And fall was long enough to allow me to collect those round bales from my fields and get ready for another crop next year.

So hemp seed is the crop that can allow a small farmer to survive.

Until next time.

Hempfully yours,