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Seeds of Gold

A new 20 minute hemp documentary production from Byron Bay! In this video you can learn from Hemp Historian Dr John Jiggins, Hemp Foods Australia CEO Paul Benhaim and Planet Fibre’s Shaun Bailey. In this video you see a lot of never before seed footage including some hemp harvesting at farms Paul has been involved with. Hope you will enjoy and share! Watch Part 1 here with Dr John and Part 2 here with Paul and Shaun. Also watch this for a 14 second take on where hemp foods are legal


Hemp Oil Capsules – better taste

People around the world are loving consuming hemp oil capsules, though in Australia it is for external use only, for the omega 3,6 and 9 content. Even though the taste is far better than flax or fish oill, some people really just don’t like consuming oils no matter how they taste. So, for those people we have been supplying hemp oil capsules – a revolutionary product that keeps the extra virgin cold-pressed oils safe and secure. Interested? Have a look at our large size value packs available at http://shop.hempfoods.com.au/products-page/hemp-oil/hemp-oil-capsules-240x1000mg/


Hemp Gets Media Attention

If you haven’t already seen it – there was an excellent 4 page article on Hemp Foods Australia and the current Australian situation. You can read up on this by viewing the link on our FAQ page under “What are the media saying about Hemp Foods Australia”.


Affiliate Program

We just had to share this again as some are reporting excellent sales in our newly launched Affiliate program. If you are as passionate about quality nutrition and abundant healthy living as us, and want to share your love of hemp foods with others, or are you just someone looking to make a little extra cash? You may join the Hemp Foods Australia affiliate team today. Join now, it’s free!



Welcome new members of our team Hemp Foods Australia would like to thank the hundreds of applicants to our recent job offerings. It is great to know there is so much talent in Australia and hope to grow with more of you soon. We welcome to our new team members Tiffani (joining Sheia and I in the office), Felipe(he’s our numbers man – trying to help us reduce prices for you) and Martin(our Production Manager) to our office and production factory. More on our new team members in the next Hemp Update.


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