hemp snack bar and drink on television


Hemp Snack Bars and

Hemp Drinks

Both of which are available at the hemp foods shop. All of which are not sold for human consumption. They are for export where you can legally consume these healthy natural products, or for keeping on your Australian shelf to show your friends what you could be eating if our Australian Ministers would support our country joining the rest of the world in allowing hemp as a food.

You may watch the TV show at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KdGZRla0_4

FSANZ have recently delayed their final report to the Ministerial COAG committe until the end of the year, so until that time you may only buy hemp seeds and hemp seed by-products for external use only. 

Industrial hemp continues to be grown succesfully throughout Australia (under Government license). A recent hemp farm harvest has produced hemp seeds. These hemp seeds may be pressed into oil or used to produce hulled hemp seeds and hemp protein. Hemp Foods Australia expects to create a significant amount of jobs in the industrial hemp industry, both from farming, processing through to manufacture, marketing and distributing of a range of products including hemp milk, hemp pasta, hemp snack bars are more.

When you are next on holiday, do enjoy the nutritional benefits of hemp seeds:

  • High in digestibal protein. The seeds contain 33% protein and the protein powder much higher. The protein in hemp is highly digestible and contains a wide range of amino acids. Body-builders and athletes use vegan protein powders such as hemp around the world.
  • Perfect balance of essential fatty acids – omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9. Rather than buying blends, or mixing evening primrose oil, fish oils and flax seed oil, you may now just use one naturally nature’s balanced seed source – hemp seed that contains the perfect balance required for human consumption