Hemp Protein or Whey Protein?


The benefits of hemp protein against are seemingly clear. Natural wholefoods with full amino acid spectrum supporting a crop that supports our earth, our farmers and many other natural alternatives. Or a protein that has been manufactured to support an industry that seems to be more about money and profit than health and nutrition.

If you take whey protein – you may want to think again and go hemp protein from: http://shop.hempfoods.com.au/products-page/hemp-protien/ – available in Australia direct from Hemp Farmers

Let us know what you choose, and why. Is it hemp or whey?


And while you are here, in relation to the last blog post about legal hemp foods in Australia, FSANZ have recently confirmed that public comment is now open again – whilst they delay their final decision until June 2012. Have a look at that post and see my response to what seems the most out-dated comments from another Government department. Let FSANZ know directly how you feel by writing to them at: submissions@foodstandards.gov.au 


Submissions are open from Wednesday, 7 December 2011.This round of consultation will be open until 6pm (Canberra time) 1 February 2012.