Hemp Foods creates jobs, supports agriculture, supports the economy, brings health and offers export for Australia


Will Australia join North America, Europe and most of Asia in allowing non-drug hemp as a food? Hemp Foods Australia‘s successful growth is an example of what Australia should expect with legislative changes expected for low THC non-drug hemp seeds. Read the briefing document here. Also joining Dieticians Australia and Food Standards (FSANZ) read how CHC support hemp as a food. Other updates (taken from Hemp Foods Australia’s newsletter (join at www.hempfoods.com.au)):

Meanwhile Asian news reports on the potential for Australia here.

100% of Hemp Foods Australia’s products are now certified KOSHER, joining the 100% Australian Certified Organic certification.

Thanks to Justine Elliot, MP  who reported on her visit to Hemp Foods Australia’s factory in February:

Today I inspected a fantastic local business – “Hemp Foods Australia” located in Bangalow. CEO Paul Benhaim briefed me on the latest developments in the industry. “Hemp Foods Australia” is the largest Hemp food wholesaler, retailer, manufacturer and exporter in the Southern Hemisphere. The company currently employs 7 full time employees and 30 contractors. Hemp is cultivated worldwide, including in Australia and New Zealand (under strict licensing arrangements), and is currently used in Australia as a source of material production and building products. Hemp is a legal food in most countries, including Europe, Canada and the United States. It is used in a range of foods including health bars, salad oils, non-dairy milk, non-dairy cheeses, and as an additive to baked goods. Australian food laws are currently under review to allow hemp, which has no psychoactive properties, to be used as food ingredients like flour, oil and protein powder.

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