Hemp Foods Australia $20m farming contract and 10% discount off all products


Hemp farming contracts worth $20m were signed by Hemp Foods Australia to local farmers. This extra business has helped boost the potential for Australia to be a global player in the hemp industry. To celebrate Hemp Foods Australia is offering 10% discount on all products in the shop for this week only!

In a recent press release from Hemp Foods Australia “Hemp has come a long way since the hand-made paper of egyptian times and the ropes of old sailing ships with a $1bn industry just in Hemp Foods offers hope for Australian hemp farmers.”.

To celebrate, Hemp Foods Australia team are offering a gift of 10% discount of ALL products (including those already on special) in our online hemp shop – but for this week only. All you need to do is include the code XMAS88 as a coupon code to qualify for this discount.

Thanks from all the team, including the hemp santa:

Hemp Foods Australia team Photo

Hemp Man Santa