Hemp as a food Mr Southcott





Andrew Southcott is IGNORANT – hemp is not a drug, and is nothing to do with normalising the use of marijuana. There is no difference between a high-thc seed and a low-thc seed – both seeds do not contain THC. If they are hulled or pressed into oil then there is ZERO chance they can turn into a drug form in any way. The hulled seed, protein powder and oil are the main food ingredients for hemp, and if the Government chooses can be the only food ingredients.


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The Federal Government currently supports Southpott.


Except for this view, scientists from FSANZ and a risk assessment continue to prove that, as has been found in most other western countries – hemp seeds, hemp foods and hemp oil contain NO risk of turning the public onto the drug form of cannabis, and IS a healthy nutritional addition to the Australian diet.


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and from yesterday:

The Channel 7 Sunrise program this morning ran a ridiculous segment about the possible FSANZ approval.


Tell them how you feel and to get their facts correct!