COAG meeting legalising hemp as a food in Australia


Still, today, Hemp Foods Are Legal For Human Consumption everywhere except Australia & New Zealand!

It is with some sadness that the COAG committee met and did not vote on allowing hemp as a food today.

The positive is that they also did not say no. They want to review all the evidence and submissions, rather than take their own Government agencies advice again (FSANZ).

So, what does this mean for us? Not much right now. The police opposition seem to have made unsubstantiated claims based on the assumption that hemp food consumption would interfere with saliva testing swabs. It appears Australia is the only country that employs oral fluid testing despite all the evidence pointing to reliability and forensic issues. And all this whilst North America and their multiple hundreds of millions of dollar hemp foods economy realises that the medical variety (also now being reconsidered here in Australia) may actually be of benefit to some people also. Despite the superior nutritional benefits of hemp seeds omega 3, 6 and 9, lack of allergens and high quality protein content Australia & New Zealand continues to stand out amongst the world in their lack of understanding.

This year The Department of Trade and Investment awarded our company, Hemp Foods Australia with a Grant to establish a hemp food production facility. This 100% Australian Certified Organic facility will continue to produce hemp seed based products for export or not for human consumption in Australia.

So, for now let us celebrate in the understanding that it is unlikely the Police’s thoughts do not undermine the facts provided by FSANZ and health authorities to the benefits of hemp foods. Let us end this year knowing we are supporting a hemp industry that next year will continue to grow and employ many Australian’s from farmers to processors, transporters, distributors retailers – as well as providing a sustainable crop for bio-plastics, fibre, paper, building and fuelling Australia’s economy without mining our land.

While you can: buy hemp seeds, hemp oil and hemp protein *not for human consumption* in Australia and New Zealand only. You may purchase in this country if you use for your skin, your garden or taking overseas. We will not ask you for proof as we trust you will do the right thing.

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