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Yes, despite their availability (for ‘non-human consumption’) Australian Certified Organic Hemp Seeds are still not legal for human consumption. This is expected to change and recent discussions in New South Wales with the setting up of a National Hemp Association, and the DPI as well as those in Tasmania (listen to the full broadcast at ABC Rural *1)  seem to show that hemp is being supported.


Will hemp seed grow into the sustainable crop it is known for? Tasmania plastic manufacturers. Listen to the full broadcast at ABC Rural *2 look to use hemp for plastic *3 while other fibre uses are expected to support the industry with new machinery technology.


Recent overseas plant technology has shown that, although hemp contains minute amounts of the drug ingredient THC (0.3% – or enough that you could smoke a field of it and all you would get would be a headache) – there is a future when 100% zero THC will be included in the plant. Read more here at The Producer *4


Hemp seeds is known to be a superior source of protein – a plant based protein that contains all 10 essential amino acids, as well as being a well balanced source of Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 essential fatty acids.


Hemp Foods Australia has, since 1999, been preparing to market a high quality range of hemp food products with marketing such as the following. Note: This is NOT for distribution as hemp foods are not yet legal in Australia.

Learn more about Hemp Foods at http://www.hempfoods.com.au


Learn more about Australian hemp farming at http://www.hempfarm.com.au 


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