Hemp Foods creates jobs, supports agriculture, supports the economy, brings health and offers export for Australia


Will Australia join North America, Europe and most of Asia in allowing non-drug hemp as a food? Hemp Foods Australia‘s successful growth is an example of what Australia should expect with legislative changes expected for low THC non-drug hemp seeds. Read the briefing document here. Also joining Dieticians Australia and Food Standards (FSANZ) read how CHC support Read More

Hemp Foods Australia $20m farming contract and 10% discount off all products


Hemp farming contracts worth $20m were signed by Hemp Foods Australia to local farmers. This extra business has helped boost the potential for Australia to be a global player in the hemp industry. To celebrate Hemp Foods Australia is offering 10% discount on all products in the shop for this week only!

Hemp Foods being considered


Hemp Foods (hemp seeds, hemp protein and hemp oil) are still enjoyed in a quickly growing industry in North America, Europe and Asia. In Australia and New Zealand, Application A1039 to allow Hemp Foods for consumption is still being considered. Both Food Standards and the Food Authority seem confused about the decision being delayed by Read More

Growth in Australian Hemp Farmers


Dehulled hemp seeds, hemp oil and hemp protein are amongst the products being produced in the Northern New South Wales facility that has been supported by the Department of Trade & Industry. The products are hoped to be destined for the national food market based on changing legislation early in the new year. Until that Read More

COAG meeting legalising hemp as a food in Australia


Still, today, Hemp Foods Are Legal For Human Consumption everywhere except Australia & New Zealand! It is with some sadness that the COAG committee met and did not vote on allowing hemp as a food today. The positive is that they also did not say no. They want to review all the evidence and submissions, Read More

FSANZ Approves Hemp Seed as a Food


  The long report with many attachments include references from Paul Benhaim’s www.startahempbusiness.com, may be read at http://www.foodstandards.gov.au/foodstandards/applications/applicationa1039lowt4708.cfm We are not home yet. We still have the COAG committee decisionto go now. Expected December though could be early January- they have 60 days from November 2nd 2012. As the last country to do something, let’s Read More

Healthy Hemp Foods Growth – legal look – supported by Department of Trade and Industry


  Hemp Foods have long been known for their nutritional benefits, unlike their cousin cannabis’ medicinal effects. “You could smoke a field of it and would not get high,” confirms Sheia K Kironn, dispatch manager for Australian company Hemp Foods Australia. Currently the manufacture and sale of hemp seeds, hemp oil and hemp protein – Read More

hemp update


Seeds of Gold A new 20 minute hemp documentary production from Byron Bay! In this video you can learn from Hemp Historian Dr John Jiggins, Hemp Foods Australia CEO Paul Benhaim and Planet Fibre’s Shaun Bailey. In this video you see a lot of never before seed footage including some hemp harvesting at farms Paul Read More

Up-to-date with Australian hemp food news


Yes, despite their availability (for ‘non-human consumption’) Australian Certified Organic Hemp Seeds are still not legal for human consumption. This is expected to change and recent discussions in New South Wales with the setting up of a National Hemp Association, and the DPI as well as those in Tasmania (listen to the full broadcast at Read More

Hemp Foods Legal in Australia


Is it a joke that in Australia and New Zealand a seed that has been proven to be healthy for the Australian public by FSANZ and recommended to the Australian Government to allow, is still illegal in the year 2012?   In Europe and North America one can walk into virtually any supermarket and find, Read More