Hemp Clothing


Hemp is a soft and strong organic textile and fabric for clothing, when processed correctly in modern equipment. There is a big difference between ‘traditional’ hemp clothing. 


Buy the best ever hemp clothing today and enjoy the soft, breathable, strong and long-lasting effects of this sustainable textile made from one useful plant.


Hemp textiles have always been strong with the first Levis blue jeans fashioned from ship sail canvas made of 100 percent hemp. The canvas was imported from Nim France and thus “de Nim” or “denim.” New hemp clothing is much softer and durable and often mixed with organic cotton, bamboo or silk.

From the strongest rope to the finest lace, hemp is the Earth’s most versatile fiber and is responsible for thousands of hemp clothing products on the market today. Hemp is used in apparel from socks and shoes to jackets and dresses; in accessories from purses and backpacks to home furnishings like curtains and tablecloths. You can make carpets and rope out of the thicker, stronger fiber. The finest hemp fiber is delicate enough to be woven together with silk. Hemp is natures longest fiber, which means longer garment life as opposed to other plants shorter fibers. Hemp is naturally resistant to mold and UV light. And organic hemp fabric becomes softer with every wash as the fibers relax.

Hemp is extremely efficient from an environmental perspective as a bonus to its superior quality. Hemp suppresses weeds and leaves the soil rich in nitrogen deposits, increasing yields on rotational crops such as soybeans and corn. Using virtually no pesticides, hemp produces 250% more fiber than cotton. Hemp can be grown using organic farming methods. By contrast, cotton uses more water and more pesticides than any other commercial crop, leaving the soil depleted. In fact, half of all agricultural chemicals in the U.S. are used in conjunction with cotton growing. That means half the chemical runoff that is polluting our rivers and streams comes from cotton growing. The cotton plant has been genetically engineered to the point where it is no longer a natural fiber, but rather a plant that is designed to stand up to the strains of chemical pesticides sprayed on it. Think about that the next time you buy 100% and even organic cotton.


The best hemp clothing range (not available in our hemp shop) I can recommend is here. You will find great bags, jumpers, hats, iPad cases and other high quality hemp accessories.


Many people contact me in relation to how to make hemp jewelry. It is easy – you may use hemp twine to produce hemp bracelets, hemp necklaces, or any other form of hemp jewelry that you like. You can buy hemp string or twine from the store to make your own hemp jewelry today. There is even more hemp clothing products on the hemp blog!


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