Hemp Body Care


Hemp body care from hemp oil based  products include hemp shampoo, hemp face cream and body butters for young and old.


The primary oil used in hemp cosmetics, from baby moisturiser to hemp creams, hemp shampoo, shaving soap and body butter is mineral oil which is, you guessed it, a petroleum derivative (waste product). There is a natural alternative that actually feeds the skin with omega 3, 6 and 9 nutrients. Hemp Oil.


Many people do not realize that the makeup, cosmetics and body care products they apply to their face and body are petroleum based. To understand why mineral oil is far from ideal as a body care product, a health and beauty aid, we must first understand that all life on earth is essentially comprised of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. Live plants and other organisms are based on living carbon. Life that existed millions of years ago is fossilized or dead carbon. When we use body care products containing mineral oil we are basically trying to revitalize our living bodies with dead material. This doesnt make sense. Only oils from living plants:- live carbon sources – contain regenerative properties. So why is mineral oil in so many body care products? In a word: price. Aside from being a colorless, odorless carrier oil, its main advantage is that few vegetable oils can compete economically. In the end, we as consumers are offered a remarkable lineup of cosmetics that have about as much benefit to the health our bodies as a box of Twinkies/ Maltesers. Hemp Body Care Products is the positive alternative.


Hemp oil has been found to be a highly nutritious and essential aid for promoting growth and slowing the aging process. In hemp body care products, hemp shampoo helps strengthen hair, feed and moisturize the scalp leaving your hair shiny and lush. Hemp body care has excellent healing and moisturizing properties for healing skin ailments and is particularly useful for people who suffer from eczema and psoriasis. In the plant kingdon, hemp contains the highest amount of the essential fatty acids (EFAs) critical for our body’s health and clinically proven to have biochemical and therapeutic effects when topically applied. Hemp body care is found in many hemp body care products such as hemp shampoo, soap, conditioner, acne creams, sun creams, bath gel, moisturizer, lipstick and other cosmetic preparations.


If you want a hemp shampoo for dry or greasy hair, a hemp face cream to rejuvenate you or a hemp skin cream to refresh and lighten your body then you may take action now and visit the shop to start using hemp shampoo and hemp bodycare products this week!


Study by Leson Consulting on the benefits and uses of hemp seed oil in hemp body care products

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